Exciting news for Purley on Thames and surrounding area

We have always supported the Green Purley refill service but unfortunately they have had to stop providing refills.

However to ensure bottles can keep being refilled for the wonderful and loyal Green Purley customers, we have teamed up with the amazing Altered State.

Altered State provide handmade zero waste items and specialise in upcycling. Not only that but Helen is the local Terracycle collection point and works from her heart to make a difference to the world.

So how we be working together?

Altered state will be hosting our mobile shop once a month on their driveway, where we will be open for people to just turn up to refill. Helen will also be acting as a collection point, where you can take your bottles in advance and we will refill them and then either give them back to Helen for you to collect from Altered State or one of us will deliver them to your doorstep.

Of course you can also order for delivery using our “standard refillable” bottles which we deliver to your doorstep in a milkman style too!

It’s really great to team up with enthusiastic, kind lovely people like Helen. We all try to work to make things better and its great when this is appreciated by others!

I’m sure things will develop and change organically with this, as all the best things do, so please keep up to date with progress with us and Altered State!

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