1. It is the CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure their containers/bottles are FIT FOR PURPOSE.

To be fit for purpose all bottles/containers must:

  • Be cleaned before refilling
  • Have all previous product labels removed
  • Must not be a food or drink container
  • Be labelled with the appropriate product label after refilling

Due to Covid-19 precautions we are currently only able to offer a delivery service. To ensure we are able to provide a contactless service, we are filling bottles at our home which means we are unable to reuse your own bottles. If you have purchased Thatcham Refillable bottles from us in the past, we are able to offer a ‘like for like’ bottle swap. You leave out your empty bottles for us to take, and we will leave you new, full ones. If you have not purchased bottles from us in the past, we ask please that you purchase our own empty bottles as part of your order. Thank you.

2. Thatcham Refillable cannot be held responsible for any liability from the use of our refill products once they are decanted into the customer’s containers or bottles under any circumstances.

3. When visiting our home ‘shop’ you are entering at your own risk. We accept no liability whatsoever for any injuries to persons or pets either inside the building, or outside on entry or exit.

4. We accept no liability whatsoever for any damage or theft to vehicles parked on our driveway.

5. When delivering, all products remain our property until delivered to the delivery address.

6. When delivering products to the doorstep or an agreed ‘safe’ location, the customer takes full responsibility for the security of the products after delivery.

7. We reserve the right to alter prices without notice.