Water Based Hand Sanitiser Rub




Water based rather than gel. A little goes a long way. It leaves your hands noticeably soft.
Sesi Detergent Refill & The Oxford Artisan Distillery have joined  to create a hand sanitiser which follows the World Health Organisation’s recommended formulation.

• 10% of all sales to


(protecting amphibians and reptiles)

• WHO recommended (80% alcohol)
From Oxford based Sesi Detergent refill, the product is Vegan, Sustainable and part of a circular economy, which means all our supply containers go back to the factory to be reused again and again!

Additional information

Bottle size required

100ml pocket spray, 250ml pump, 500ml pump, 500ml flip top lid, 1 litre flip top lid, 2.5 litre, 5 litre

New or swapping bottle

New bottle, Exchanging Thatcham Refillable standard refill bottle


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