Household cleaning: Toilet Cleaner Sea Salt & Lotus

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A thick and powerful toilet cleaner with a Lotus and Seagrass aroma that leaves your bathroom feeling fresh.

USAGE: Squirt a generous amount around the rim and in the toilet bowl. Use a brush to scrub and Leave for a while before flushing.

From Oxford based Sesi Detergent refill, the product is Vegan, Sustainable and part of a circular economy, which means all our supply containers go back to the factory to be reused again and again!


<5%: Nonionic surfactants, Perfume (contains linalool)

To refill bespoke amounts in your existing containers visit our mobile shop or make an appointment to visit us in Thatcham

Additional information

Bottle size required

750g, 2.5kg, 5kg

New or swapping bottle

New bottle, Free loan of 750ml used standard toilet bottle, Loan container with tap, Loan container, Exchanging Thatcham Refillable standard refill bottle

2 reviews for Household cleaning: Toilet Cleaner Sea Salt & Lotus

  1. Janie

    This toilet cleaner is great. Does the job and it leaves the bathroom smelling lovely too.

  2. Amy T (verified owner)

    Works well, better than other eco toilet cleaners I’ve tried, and smells lovely! Works really well on the sinks, too.

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