Laundry: Detergent Sheets




Box of 60 Laundle Fresh Linen scented laundry sheets.

Transform your laundry routine with these eco-friendly laundry sheets 

 Made from all natural ingredients. Gentle on your clothes and the environment.

The specially designed formula gently lifts dirt and grime off fabrics while preserving their quality.

The sheets effortlessly dissolve in water, leaving your clothes soft, refreshed, and eliminating the need for additional fabric softeners.

1 sheet will clean approximately 5kg of lightly soiled laundry in the machine.

For very full loads like towels and bedding add an additional sheet.

Cleaning power will depend on your machine and wash cycle.

It is recommended to try a few washes to find the perfect balance that suits your individual needs.

You can cut sheets in half if required.

Designed for modern machines with low water flow and all temperatures from 20c > 90c.

Effective in cold and hard water.

BPA Free,

No plastic waste or chemical pollution,

Cruelty Free,

Non Toxic,

Palm Oil Free,


For Sensitive Skin,

Dermatologically Tested


Coconut oil which is antimicrobial (kills germs) and helps break down larger stains.

Two types of detergent. One targets particulates, like mud and dust, the other targets grease and oils.

Deionised water which traps rogue particulates leaving your clothes soft and your machine limescale free.


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