Laundry: Biological Liquid

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Concentrated formula of eco-biological laundry iquid with a cologne fragrance that contains natural extracts of PATCHOULI • CEDARWOOD • EUCALYPTUS • LEMON. Contains biodegradeable enzymes that helps remove soiling of all types.

DIRECTIONS: Pour liquid into machine dispenser or washball. Follow instructions on garment label. Dosing: 2ml to 4ml per kg of washing depending on soiling. Up to double dosing in very hard water areas. One TBSP is about 18ml. If doing a pre-wash split 1/3 pre-wash, 2/3 main wash. Biological detergents work best at cool temperatures up to 40C.

From Oxford based Sesi Detergent refill, the product is Vegan, Sustainable and part of a circular economy, which means all our supply containers go back to the factory to be reused again and again!

To refill bespoke amounts in your existing containers visit our mobile shop or make an appointment to visit us in Thatcham

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2 reviews for Laundry: Biological Liquid

  1. Amey Tunney

    I’ve been using this laundry liquid for 2 years now and I’m very pleased with it. The scent is subtle but I don’t like overpowering smells so this is my preference. I find it works well on stains, for very tough stains I use the solid stain remover stick from the same shop before washing as normal.
    Although it is a bio liquid it is not harsh on skin and I love the fact it is vegan and refillable, 5litres is good value and lasts a long time.

  2. Amy T (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for a few months now. I have 2 small children, so they help keep the washing a challenging chore. This liquid works well, but I find I need to add sodium percarbonate (stain remover) for whites. The smell is nonexistent to me, but I was using Persil before this, which is very strongly fragranced.

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