Below are the current prices for our refill products. We also can suppply new, empty bottles that can be reused time after time.

We can also supply products not held in stock from multiple manufacturers, such as S.E.S.I, Suma, Fill, bioD, Ecover, Ecoleaf & more, so if you cant see what you are looking for please ask!

Products held in stock can be ordered via our online shop ordering system.

COVID-19 precautions

Because of the virus we are not currently filling your bottles. We are supplying our new pre-filled bottles at cost price and filling them with the products for you here in a clean and controlled way. If you don’t have our supplied bottles, you will need to choose what products and the volume, then choose a suitable bottle from our list of new empty bottles and add the costs together. When you already have our bottles, we will just swap empty containers for full ones, so you will only need to purchase bottles once.

Please click here to download our full price list.


Non biological laundry liquid | 28p/100ml
Biological laundry liquid | 38p/100ml
Delicate/hand wash laundry liquid | 78p/100ml
Fabric conditioner | 22p/100ml

Vegan Stain remover stick |£4.00

Kitchen essentials

Washing up liquid: Spiced ginger | 25p/100ml
Washing up liquid: Unfragranced | 24p/100ml
Hard water rinse aid | 35p/100ml
Wooden dish brush (with 5 heads) | £9.49
Wooden dish brush replacement head | £2.00
Eco dishwasher tablets (box of 25) | £5.50
Eco dishwasher tablets (box of 70) | £13.80
100% recycled kitchen roll, jumbo size | £2.60
Plastic free toilet brush and holder | £8.75
Brush only | £6.75
Wooden clothes pegs (box of 20) C£4.50
Single peg | 30p

Household cleaners

All surface cleaner (neat) | 29p/100ml
Cream cleaner | 37p/100ml
Toilet cleaner | 28p/100ml
Window and glass cleaner | 17p/100ml
White vinegar | 14p/100ml
Bicarbonate of soda | 26p/100g

BioD vegan furniture polish 150g tin |£8.40

Personal care

Hand & Body lotion Unfragranced |£1.16/100ml

Liquid hand soap: Rose | 54p/100ml
Liquid hand soap: Fig | 54p/100ml
Hand sanitiser | £1.40/100ml
Bath, Shower, Hands (bubble bath, shower gel & soap) | 45p/100ml
Organic Castile soap | 83p/100ml
Suma glycine soap bar | £1.89
Friendly soap travel bar | £2.75
Olive wood soap dish handmade | £6.50
Body wash: Lime, Basil & Mandarin or Pomegranate| £1.25/100ml
Body wash: Lavender, rosemary and spearmint | £1.25/100ml
Shampoo or conditioner: Lime, basil and mandarin | £1.25/100ml
Shampoo or conditioner: Llan y mor | £1.25/100ml
100% recycled toilet paper (9 pack) | £5.25
100% recycled toilet paper (4 pack)​ | £2.35
100% recycled toilet paper, single unpackaged roll | 59p
Body wash: Rose & Geranium or Pink Grapefruit |£1.00 /100ml
Shampoo: Rose & Geranium or Pink Grapefruit | £1.00/100ml
Conditioner: Rose & Geranium or Pink Grapefruit | £1.00/100ml

Ramie body puff |£5.40

Empty bottles

100ml sample pots | £1.00

500ml | £1.00
1 litre | £1.00
2.5 litre | £1.20
5 litre | £1.50
15 litre | £2.00
250ml hand soap/shampoo | £1.60
500ml hand soap/shampoo | £1.50
Trigger spray tops for 500ml & 1L bottles | £0.50
5 litre pump to fit bottle | £4.50
15/20 litre tap to fit bottle | £6.50