We stock a wide range of refillable cleaning and personal care products from brands SESI and Suma, all of which are vegan, ethical and produced in the UK.

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We can also supply products not held in stock from multiple manufacturers, such as S.E.S.I, Suma, Fill, bioD, Ecover, Ecoleaf & more, so if you cant see what you are looking for please ask!

Why we chose SESI as the supplier for our refillable products

We chose SESI because they are a family run company based in Oxford, therefore the products do not have a huge carbon footprint and all the supply containers go back to the factory to be refilled and sent out again, this circular economy eliminates single use plastic waste. (We were shocked when we realised that not all refill manufacturers take the supply containers back!)

We have also used all the products ourselves, so we know they work!

The SESI ethos also mirrors our own.

SESI Detergents ethos

“Over the years we became dissatisfied with unaffordable brands which made it difficult for most people to refill their plastic bottles. Our formulas of sustainable detergents are low impact to Earth. We work to keep up with important issues such as farming, human rights, animal rights, food justice, forestry protection, personal health and our way of life on the environment. We don’t claim to be perfect, but based on the information we gather, we do our best to make carefully balanced and holistic choices on our ingredients.”

  • Our products are vegan, cruelty free and biodegradable.
  • SESI formulas whilst gentle, actually clean!
  • For fragrances, we don’t use ‘exotic’ plants, we’re determined to cut on carbon footprint where possible.
  • Customers keen to refill can afford SESI products, making the refill revolution a higher and wider environmental impact.
  • We collect the containers to clean and put back in circulation, making our operation truly zero waste from manufacturing to delivery.
  • At SESI we practice transparency. We are not complacent and dig deep for uncomfortable truths about any products, especially our own.

Why we chose Suma as a supplier for our non-refillable products

Suma is a collective founded in 1977 by a liberally-minded group of people who believed there was a better way, and actively set out to create it. Today they supply natural, responsibly sourced products to businesses and communities across the UK and internationally. They are one of the largest co-operatives of our kind in Europe, working together to improve our society and support our suppliers and customers.