In most instances, our products are supplied to you in our own range of bottles and containers. These are labelled with our branded stickers, so it is easy for you to keep track of them all! The first time you order from us, we kindly ask you to purchase the appropriate container for your needs, along with the product required. When it is time to refill, we can then swap like for like empty bottles for full ones.

We aim to reuse the empty containers for as long as possible.

We stock the following:

250ml and 500ml pump bottles

These are ideal for our range of refillable products such as hand soap, hand sanitiser, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and bubble bath products.

500ml and 1 litre bottles

These are ideal for our range of refillable products such as washing up liquid, cream cleaner, dishwasher rinse aid and surface cleaner. They are supplied with either flip top, screw or spray tops if necessary.

1 litre, 2.5 litre and 5 litre Jerry cans

These are ideal for our range of refillable products such as laundry liquids, fabric conditioner, surface cleaner or any other product bought in larger quanitities. They are supplied with a safety screw top lid as standard but we can also supply a pump lid to fit.

Toilet cleaner

We supply toilet cleaner in standard (pre-used) 750ml toilet cleaner/bleach bottles that have kindly been donated to us. This is because we feel it is easier to apply cleaner to the toilet from the correct style bottle. Should you wish to buy this product in bulk, however, we will happily supply it in any of the larger sized containers listed above and supply an empty 750ml bottle for you to decant it into.

Toilet cleaner bottles

Suma shampoo, conditioner and body wash

All of our Suma manufactured range of products are supplied in their own 400ml factory filled bottle, which we will refill when empty. A 5 litre bottle of each can be supplied by special order.

Suma shampoo bottles

Please return your containers!

In order to keep our operation as environmentally friendly as possible, we reuse all of the bottles we supply, so please don’t throw them away! When it is time for another refill, simply leave your empties out for us to collect on the day we deliver your next order. We will then bring the containers home, clean them and put them back into circulation. Ensuring that you treat our bottles with care and respect means they can be used again and again!